Basque Country

A statement on sustainibility

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This fall, Romotur decided it was high time we put down our commitment to sustainability in writing. Why?

  • It is a value we embrace personally.
  • It is a key to our future as a company.

Responsible shopping tourism

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Responsible tourism is, by now, a pretty wide-spread concept – maybe not necessarily in practice, but governments, the tourism industry and even individuals are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable and responsible tourism.

Repsol Guide Sun Awards

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(Partial translation of original Spanish-language article)

11 restaurants of the Basque Country receive a Repsol Guide Sun

The Repsol Guide has awarded a Repsol Guide Sun to the restaurants Arrea! (Álava), Casa Garras, Porrue (Vizcaya), Bailara, Bodega Katxiña,