Golf and More

Did you know that the Basque Country and Rioja Wine region offer some fabulous 18-hole golf courses in beautiful natural settings? Romotur organizes tailor-made “golf and more” programs for groups, which combine the best of golf and local culture. Our programs usually include:

  • 18-hole golf courses
  • Transportation and accommodation
  • Restaurant reservations / menus
  • Wine & gastronomy experiences 
  • Cultural visits and excursions

We are also happy to fulfil your special requests. You’d like to…

Looking for a new and different destination for you next group golf trip? Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely come the Basque Country.

The Basque Country offers a compelling combination of exceptional golf courses, stunning scenery, world-class cuisine, rich cultural heritage, and convenient accessibility. These factors make it an ideal destination for a golf holiday that goes beyond the fairways, providing a truly memorable experience.


Click on the points on this interactive map for a picture, description, why we like this course, and nearby points of interest.


What’s the best time of year to come and golf in the Basque Country?

May through October is usually the best time. Remember, in the Basque Country summers are not nearly as hot as in other parts of Spain. In the spring and fall, we sometimes have to work around the regular maintenance work that needs to done for the courses near the coast. San Sebastian is quite crowded in the summer, and you’ll want to avoid the film festival there in late September. In La Rioja it can get a little hotter in the summer, but the weather is also more stable and dryer in the spring and fall. The wine harvest season is a great time to come to La Rioja.

What resorts can you recommend?

The Basque Country and Rioja don’t have resort-type hotels or golf courses. However, if you want to reduce travel, we can develop a program around one area. We’ll also organize transfers to and from the golf courses so you won’t have to worry about how to get there.

How far away are golf courses?

The Bilbao-area golf courses are between 20-30 minutes from the city center, and the same is true for the Logroño and the Rioja courses as well as for San Sebastian it the two 18-hole courses in the surround areas. From Bilbao to the La Rioja courses, you should calculate about 1h30, and to the San Sebastian courses a bit less, 1h15. The distance from San Sebastian to Rioja is a little longer, about 2h. But don’t forget the courses in the region of Álava, which are a great halfway point when changing regions.

How much do your golf programs cost?

Cost depends on a lot of factors: time of year, hotel prices which fluctuate quite a bit, group size, which golf courses you choose (public or private), and what kinds of services you want to include aside from green fees, accommodation and transportation. Talk to us about your budget, and we will propose a program that fits it.

Do you have any year-round or seasonal golf packages at fixed rates?

No, we don’t. This is mainly due to the way hotel pricing works and also volatility in transportation prices. For this reason, we work on a tailor-made, case to case basis.

How big or small can groups be?

We tend to work with small to medium sized groups, that is from 8 – 15 people. But don’t hesitate to talk to us for bigger or smaller groups!

Do you only do group tours?

Mostly, yes. But occasionally we can also take on some individual golf travel. Contact us.

What is Golf & Wine?

Golf and Wine is an association of currently 4 golf courses in the Rioja wine lands, who, along with other members like our incoming agency, seek to promote golf tourism in La Rioja and Rioja Alavesa (the Basque part of Riojan wine country).

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