On our website you will find sample tours and day excursions, but each group is different. We want your trip to be memorable. We want to create special moments and we want to cultivate connection within the group and with the wonders of Northern Spain.

That’s why Romotur always works closely with you, our clients, from start to finish, to create tailored proposals. Our DMC specializes in gastronomy, wine, cultural and golf programs. However, if you have a special interest group that is looking for a tour around a specific theme, get in touch with us. Chances are that with our more than 30 years of experience, we can organize it for you.

Discover Basque Culture

A sport: Traineras

A tradition: Txikiteo

A place: a traditional Basque baserri

A dish: Bacalao al pil pil

Something sweet: bollo de mantequilla

A phrase: Eskerrik asko.

Immerse yourself in the uniqueness and authenticity of Basque culture.

Enjoy a sunset

If you like the beach … enjoy the sea breeze. If you like the mountains … breathe the pure air of nature. If you like to stroll … admire our charming historical centers. Whatever you fancy, embrace the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures to the fullest.

Savour our gastronomy

Sharpen your palate and discover the flavors of the Basque Country. It is not about having a meal, but enjoying an experience: a sumptuous restaurant, a typical tavern, a cooking class, a mindful tasting experience, or a hands-on experience at a local orchard.

Relax on the Terrace

We invite you to embrace the concept of slow travel: Have some tea or a soda or wine, but take your time. As the rush disappears, time and space open up to bask – or might we say “Basque” – in sensations and soak up the local lifestyle.