Repsol Guide Sun Awards

(Partial translation of original Spanish-language article)

11 restaurants of the Basque Country receive a Repsol Guide Sun

The Repsol Guide has awarded a Repsol Guide Sun to the restaurants Arrea! (Álava), Casa Garras, Porrue (Vizcaya), Bailara, Bodega Katxiña, Casa Julián, Félix Manso Ibarla, Galerna Jan-Edan, Iraeta, Kirkilla Enea and Ganbara (Gipúzcoa).

With these new additions, the Basque Country counts a total of 56 prize-winning restaurants: 8 with three Suns, 16 with two Suns and 32 with one Sun, becoming the second territory with the most three-Sun restaurants in Spain, only behind Catalonia.

The Repsol Guide celebrated the presentation of its Repsol Guide Suns 2020 in the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian, in cooperation with the Basque Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs. The event included the participation of the Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs Sonia Pérez and Repsol Managing Director Josu Jon Imaz.

The minister emphasized the importance of again celebrating the gala in the Basque Country, “having the pleasure of receiving so many recognized chefs in our house; to contribute to reinforcing the Basque Country’s image as a destination linked to the gastronomic tourism and to convert the award ceremony as a structural event with at least three editions having been celebrated in the Basque Country and a fruitful cooperation.”

In this sense, Sonia Pérez Ezquerra highlighted the importance of gastronomy in the Basque Country, a hallmark of its identity, “a unparalleled, creative industry that helps to drive innovation and stimulate connections between local and global cultures.”

More information on the Repsol Guide here.

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