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DMC Basque Country: Romotur 

Are you looking for a fresh, unique destination? Let Romotur be your guide and partner to organizing unforgettable experiences in the Basque Country and Northern Spain. Gastronomic and cultural pleasures, fabulous landscapes, charming towns and cities with excellent resources for MICE…it’s all here waiting for you! From the logistics to the final touches, Romotur is your DMC in the Basque Country for MICE and leisure group projects.


The Basque Country is an up-and-coming event and incentive destination that offers many advantages. Over the years, our DMC has created a wide network of highly qualified and experienced suppliers to handle even the most sophisticated events, meetings and congresses and design unforgettable incentive trips.


As a DMC in the Basque Country, Romotur, has a crucial role to play in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for travellers and event organisers, especially those coming from abroad.
Working with Romotur means benefiting from our long experience as a DMC in the Basque Country and our knowledge as local experts. We are the link between our client and the local institutions and suppliers of the Basque Country.
Here are some examples of services with which Romotur DMC can support your project:

MICE: Communication:

Good communication is key to the success of any event. Language barriers can sometimes add an additional challenge to event planning and management. Maybe that’s why you’ll be happy to know that, in addition to English and Spanish, our DMC team includes staff who speak Basque, French, and German.

Event Planning: Location, Transportation, Accommodation

When it comes to choosing a venue, a site inspection visit can be key. And who better to set the agenda and coordinate it than Romotur, your local DMC in the Basque Country?
Other big issues are usually transportation and accommodation. Count on us to hire and coordinate private transportation services, from buses to VIP vehicles.
We also help you secure suitable accommodations for groups. For large-scale events where it is necessary to have more than one accommodation, Romotur DMC can manage room reservations or even set up a customized platform so that event attendees can make their own reservation at specially negotiated prices.

Event Planning: The Details

Once the main logistical pillars of the event have been established, it is time to think about the details: technical support, furniture rental, branding, registration and lead scanning technology, dry cleaning services, on-site staff such as hostesses, auxiliary and support staff, etc. And let’s not forget those VIPs and special delegations who will need their own attention and services.
An experienced and well-connected local DMC like Romotur can take care of these types of services and free you up to manage other parts of the event.

MICE with a touch of the Basque Country

In MICE it’s usually about business, but who says it has to be “business as usual”? Let us, your local Basque Country DMC, help you make the most of where you are.
As a DMC specialized in the Basque Country, we can advise you on meal formats, local specialties and restaurants. For special evenings like networking cocktails, gala dinners, or casual parties, we work with you to find the right venue and entertainment to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.
Romotur DMC also proposes, organizes and coordinates various activities and excursions to which interested attendees register through a personalized platform. Examples include: city tours, food tours, wine tasting, special interest tours, half-day or full-day excursions.

Go local

Romotur is your DMC in the Basque Country for MICE. You won’t regret opting for the support of an expert local DMC. From start to finish, we will be by your side to support the organization and management of your event… and to give it that little touch from here, the Basque Country.



Your DMC agency in the Basque Country: +30 years

Our clients value our extensive experience of more than 30 years as a local DMC agency to organize their group trips. Trips that bring people together as they discover the gastronomy, culture, art, nature, sport and joie de vivre of northern Spain. Romotur offers you the opportunity to contemplate, admire, taste and EXPERIENCE the most authentic of the Basque Country and beyond. 

Romotur is a DMC agency with more than 30 years of experience in designing tailor-made experiences for leisure groups in the Basque Country, La Rioja and Northern Spain.

Slow travel

As an incoming agency specializing in wine, gastronomic and cultural experiences, Romotur identifies with a way of doing tourism that is committed to experience over consumption, quality over quantity. In other words, the idea of “slow travel” really resonates with us: we want you to take your time, live in the moment, and absorb every moment of your experience.
The Basque Country has a varied palette of attractions: from gastronomic and cultural pleasures, fabulous landscapes, beautiful beaches, charming towns and cities and excellent facilities for active tourism. To help you make the most of your experience here, we work closely with professional guides who will help you understand the essence, the soul of the Basque Country.
Romotur DMC is also the representative of the Bilbao-Rioja region in the Great Wine Capitals network. That means we’re always up to date with the best wine tourism experiences this stunning region has to offer.
Both the Basque Country and La Rioja are paradises for gourmets and there are numerous ways to experience it. The most obvious, of course, is through its different restaurant formats: from Michelin-starred restaurants to typical taverns, including urban pintxo bars. But if you want to dig deeper and get to the roots of our cuisine, there’s nothing like a cooking class or visiting local producers on their farms and workshops.

Golf & more

One of our newest lines for leisure groups is golf trips. But in addition to enjoying the countryside of Northern Spain, we like our customers to also enjoy the best of culture, wine, gastronomy and wellness. So, it’s not just about golf, it’s about “golf and more.”
Romotur is a DMC that listens to its customers. Count on us to transform your travel ideas into a reality with all the local charm that our regions have to offer.




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