In the Element: Experience the Basque Country

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In the Element: Experience the Deep Basque Country

Romotur DMC is pleased to announce four new Basque Country excursion proposals to our Essentials of the Basque Country portfolio. We have grouped them under the theme of “In the Element: The Deep Basque Country”.

The Success of the Basque Country Experience

In recent years, more and more people have come to experience the Basque Country has become increasingly visible as a tourist destination. Highlights like Bilbao, the Guggenheim, San Sebastián, San Juan de Gastelugatxe, and Urdaibai act as strong “hooks” for the region in general. However, visitors often don’t venture far beyond these well-known attractions. Other hidden gems of the region are often overlooked by international visitors.

Romotur wants to give more visibility to some of these hidden gems. Hence the proposal of four Basque Country experiences in the province of Biscay/Bizkaia. We feel that adding such excursions into group trip programs will enhance our clients’ experience of the Basque Country.

The Concept behind the routes

Each of the four routes of “In the Element: The Deep Basque Country” revolves around an element. Lurra, ura, sua or aire are the Basque words for earth, water, fire, and air. One of the guiding principles of these tours is that they contribute to a sustainable Basque Country experience:

  • Environmental sustainability: All of the places can be reached in under an hour from Bilbao.
  • Social and economic sustainability through the redistribution of visitors and thus benefits to rural areas.

As always, any of these Basque Country experience programs can be tailored to specific group needs and interests.

Deep Basque Country Experience Tours

Lurra (Earth): This route takes visitors inland (and even underground) to the lands of Biscay’s “wild west.” It covers a variety of themes: geology, natural history, cultural and economic history, tradition and innovation. The three suggested program points also cover different periods, from pre-history through the modern age. LURRA: Click for more details.

Sua (Fire): This excursion takes you deep into the heart of the Basque Country. It will appeal to groups who want a to experience Basque Country rural life in a hands-on way. The central element of this excursion is a visit to a sheep farm. However, it also includes some breathtaking natural views of the Urkiola Natural Park. Plus, a visit to Elorrio, a town with a rich history located at the crossroads of the three Basque Provinces. More details.

Airea (Air): You will enjoy Basque landscapes almost anywhere you go. But we wanted to include a day program that centers on being in nature. The Airea tour will take you to the Gorbeia Natural Park. You will visit the magical beech forest and take a small hike or a mindfulness session. We also suggest a visit of the Antzasti, a museum dedicated to the Basque traditional home and its transformation.  More details here.

Ura (Water): Basque culture and traditions are not only rooted in the mountains. Its maritime life is just as much a part of its identity. It is a must in a complete Basque Country experience The Ura day takes you to two small fishing towns – Ondárroa and Lekeitio – to learn about this facet of Basqueness. And of course to enjoy our beautiful coastline.

URA: More details here.

Conscious tourism goals: A win-win-win Basque Country Experience

Investing in lesser-known areas will contribute to achieving several objectives. These are not only interest our company but also benefit the region as a tourist destination. They will also enhance our clients’ Basque Country experience:

  • Diversification and renewal of our portfolio. While Romotur’s DMC leisure portfolio primarily focuses on gastronomy, wine, and culture. Many of our groups center their stays in the urban centers of the Basque Country. However, these newly proposed routes place the primary focus on nature, rural areas and small towns. Promoting these excursions will help us diversify our portfolio and cater to different markets and market segments.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. We believe that these experiences will let clients feel that they experience the Basque Country in a more exclusive, lesser-known way. They will bring them to a more detailed level than if they “only” visited the most well-known places. Additionally, several of the routes include activities will provide a sense of participation and connection with the destination.
  • Redistribution of visitors and benefits. It is in everyone’s interest that the success of the Basque Country as a tourist destination remains sustainable. Not just environmentally, but also socially and economically. It is important that the incoming flow of tourists does not stagnate in Bilbao (or San Sebastian). Hence, encouraging visitors to go beyond these urban areas is crucial. This will also contribute to ensuring that other parts of territory receive the economic benefits of tourism.