Will 2024 be the year MICE makes a comeback?

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On the way to the IBTM, the last major MICE trade fair of the year, I was asked by a colleague if I found that these types of events were really worth the time and investment. With the fair now behind us, I can only emphasize that yes, IBTM is absolutely worth it. Here’s what made this year’s edition an absolute success for Romotur.

IBTM, the last major MICE trade fair of the year

MICE Tourism: strong turn-out for the Basque Country

Nestled in the northern part of Spain, the Basque Country has positioned itself as a promising destination for MICE tourism. With a rich und unique cultural tapestry, splendid and varied landscapes, and a culinary scene that captivates the senses, the region has become a compelling choice for MICE professionals seeking distinctive settings for their meetings, incentives, congresses and events.

The attendance of colleagues from hotels, venues, DMC, and wineries in the Basque Country was impressive. The large turnout of Basque professionals speaks for the region’s strong infrastructure and service industry geared toward the MICE sector.  This was matched by a constant flow of buyers to the stand, with and without appointments, emphasizing the undeniable appeal of the region as a destination for MICE projects.

Quality Networking and Appointments

But quantity is one thing, and quality is another. However, for Romotur, the IBTM 2023 experience was marked by the quality of networking and appointments. Amidst the bustling atmosphere of the trade fair, participants showed a sincere interest in the Basque Country, transcending mere professional obligations. The rarity of no-shows and the authentic engagement of attendees highlighted the genuine curiosity surrounding the Basque region as a MICE tourism destination.

A Testament to Success

And if this weren’t enough: few compliments can match the significance of clients taking the time to personally express their satisfaction with Romotur’s services and their desire to pursue cooperation. The visits of these clients who had previously collaborated with Romotur DMC underscored our DMC’s success in delivering exceptional service.

Just as satisfying were the appointments with MICE companies whose profile were a perfect fit with that of Romotur; companies that were not just looking for a DMC, but for Romotur. As they say, time will tell, but there is no denying the mutual excitement about collaborating on some very special projects in the near future.


Trade fairs are often demanding, yet the experience at IBTM 2023 has left Romotur DMC with a sense of accomplishment and readiness for future endeavors. It also left us with a sense of pride and gratefulness: It is an honor to be part of such a close-knit, vibrant MICE community. And we are thankful for the support of public institutions that work alongside of us to promote the Basque Country as a MICE destination.

The positive atmosphere generated during the trade fair, coupled with the enthusiastic response from participants, positions the Basque Country as a dynamic hub for future corporate events. Romotur stands prepared to continue facilitating MICE projects and delivering tailor-made experiences in this captivating region.