Romotur: “Your company makes our city!”

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Bilbao recognizes the work of 173 entrepreneurs with a special “baldosa”

La baldosa de Bilbao – the sidewalk tile you often see throughout the Basque Country, but especially in Bilbao – is arguably one of THE symbols of this city.  And what better form for an award recognizing the hard work of entrepreneurs of the city – including the founder and owner of Romotur, Carmen Romo.

Carmen received this award from Bilbao’s mayor, Juan Mari Aburto, on February 10, 2020, at a ceremony held in the Azkuna Center in recognition of her efforts as a local entrepreneur, creating jobs, promoting the destination, and contributing to a vibrant city and local economy.

Most of the recipients who were presented this baldosa with the inscription “Your company makes our city!” in Spanish and Basque are owners of new businesses. However, a few, like Carmen, are long-standing entrepreneurs who have significantly contributed to the city’s dynamism.

Carmen started her destination management company Romotur 25 years ago. Based in Bilbao, it primarily promotes the Basque Country as a prime destination for leisure tourism and – more and more – business tourism for national and international companies: meetings, incentive trips, congresses and events.

Romotur is also very active in La Rioja, a region that Carmen knows well. In fact, she is the representative of the Bilbao/La Rioja region in the Great Wine Capitals Association. In addition, she is a member of the Gastro Woman World initiative, which aims to “to give visibility to this feminine world that surrounds food and gastronomy and … promote this value and wealth to reinforce the attractiveness of our territory for quality tourism.”