Romotur DMC joins the Basque Country Tourism Code of Ethics

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On Wednesday, March 13, 2024, the Basque Government recognized 98 tourism companies that recently completed the process to adhere to the Euskadi Tourism Code of Ethics – among them Romotur, your Basque Country DMC!

the Euskadi Tourism Code of Ethics

What is the Euskadi Tourism Code of Ethics?

The Euskadi Tourism Code of Ethics seeks to encourage local tourism entities to incorporate social responsibilities and environmental and economic sustainability into their daily practice.

The Basque Tourism Code of Ethics is an adaptation of the principles of the Global Code of Ethics. This was developed by the World Tourism Organization and of the Sustainable Development objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. These have been adapted to the Basque Country’s cultural particularities.

One moment on the recognition act

By signing this Code, tourism entities assume an important commitment to respect and preserve local culture and tradition and elements of cultural heritage. The idea is to incentivize the incorporation of local communities with tourism activities. This way, the economic, social and cultural benefits of tourism are shared and spread.

Read more about Romotur DMC’s new In the Element Tours, a proposal to do just that: take our clients to lesser-known areas of the deep Basque Country and contribute spreading the tourist load but also economic benefits.

A speaker in the recognition act

The Basque Country: We want to do tourism the right way

Five years after its proclamation the Code of Ethics now counts around 700 registered entities. The entities that participate in the Code of Ethics program are both public and private. And belong to all tourism subsectors without distinction. They include: accommodation and restaurants, bars and cafes, tourist information offices. Also museums and interpretation centers, active tourism, nautical tourism, tourist guides, and DMCs in the Basque Country.

Compared to other regions of Spain, the Basque Country is a fairly young destination. However, it is very clear on what kind of tourism it wants to attract and promote. Whether we are talking about individual or group tourism, MICE or leisure tourism, the Basque Country wants it to ethical, responsible and sustainable in every way: environmentally, economically and socially.

The accreditation badge

New Code of Ethics website coming soon

To give more visibility to its tourism strategy in terms of ethics and responsibility, the Basque government will soon launch a new website.

The objectives of the new page are:

  • To publicize the project of the Ethical Code of Tourism of Euskadi.
  • To be the showcase of those entities committed to responsible and ethical tourism.
  • To facilitate access of all entities to the project.

The website will include various sections. Will include information about the code and its implementation. An entity search to find committed providers such as Romotur Basque DMC; as well as a Responsible Tourist Guide.