Eroica Rioja Tour Postponed to the Fall

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While some events have been canceled, others are being postponed. We are happy that this is the case with the Eroica Hispania, a very special cycling event, which will take place around Haro in the La Rioja wine region in October of this year.

You can sign up for various distances: there is a 25 km circuit for families and then there are more challenging ones between 74 km and 184 km. For the competitive souls out there, motivation might be “the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest,” to take up one of Eroica’s slogans…

But the idea is also to discover and enjoy this beautiful region of fine wines and mouthwatering gastronomy along your way. We love the concept – it’s a different type of cycling event that combines an active element, but also the idea of a kind of travel experience where the most important thing is to do things at your own pace – whether that’s fast or not so fast – and enjoy every minute of it.

Plus, the new date places this event in autumn, which is a truly splendid time of year – the light, the colors, the freshness. Perhaps the postponing is just a blessing in disguise…

For more information, visit the EROICA HISPANIA page.

Image used with permission of Eroica Hispania, Photo credit: Paolo Martelli.