Solidary Mask Sewing

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(Translated interview)

Q: Tamara, how did this initiative come about?

Tamara: The idea came from a lot of information. There aren’t any masks in the pharmacies or even via internet. I saw that those around me needed them, and on all the social media platforms there were a lot of people giving instructions on how to make homemade masks.

Q: Where did you get the material?

T: I like to sew, so I looked for the cloth that I had at home, and seeing that I had a fair amount of an acceptable quality, I didn’t hesitate and got right to work. The cloth and materials are all mine – scraps of other things that I had already sewn, cloth that I had bought for new projects…

Q: How many masks did you end up sewing?

T: I’ll have sewn almost 30 masks by now, and I’m still sewing.

Q: Who received the masks?

T: A lot of them have been for my family, but also friends and even some people who saw that I was making them on Instagram and asked me if I would make them some.

Q: How are you and your family coping with the confinement?

Well, pretty well, even though it can be challenging with the little one. We are lucky enough to live in a house with a yard, so we get more fresh air than a lot of people.