Discover Spain through an Online Wine Tasting!

En este momento estás viendo Discover Spain through an Online Wine Tasting!

Romotur is excited to introduce you to one of our partner’s “wine-derful” online events: Wine tastings with a professional sommelier!

But this is more than just a tasting; it is a virtual tour to discover Spain. Your senses will guide you through landscapes, climates, and grape varieties… a perfect way to get close to Spain by discovering wine regions and personal stories behind each bottle.

It is also an opportunity to socialize – and who doesn’t need that nowadays?

Who is it for?

Everybody! Well, almost: this event is for adults only, but other than that, everyone is welcome. There is no need for previous knowledge.

What does the experience include?

An introduction to history and tradition of wine in Spain, its primary wine regions and grape varieties.

professional-led tasting of 4 high-quality wines that represent each region, including some basic tasting tips in order to appreciate all the nuances.

The basic rules of food pairing and recommendations.

Background of each wine to help you to see the wine beyond the label.

How does it work?

Once you have purchased your ticket, you will receive an email from our partner Icono Serveis about the wines you will need to buy for the tasting. You will receive precise instructions on the type of wines, the quality and where to buy them.

If you would like us to send you the wines, send an email to at least 10 days in advance. The cost of the wines will be added to the cost of the tasting.

On the day of the tasting, you and the other participants will connect with Enric through the Zoom platform and let him lead you through the experience.


Are you a group of family, friends and colleagues who would like to do a wine tasting together? Write to us at to get a quote for a private session at your preferred date, time and in your language.

Warning: This online wine tasting may produce a desperate desire to visit Spain ASAP. Fingers crossed for 2021 travel!

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