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European Award 2020 Bilbao

Bilbao to receive European Diploma

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By Charlotte Gérard

It has always struck me how the Basque Country – a region with its own language and very strong regional identity, policies and politics – manages to achieve a regional-global balance. It strives no only to preserve its own cultural identity and uniqueness,

Volunteering with the Red Cross

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How long have you been volunteering at the Red Cross and what motivated you to start?

They called me last week to see if I was still available (I had signed up towards the end of March).

Solidary Corona Virus Masks

Solidary Mask Sewing

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(Translated interview)

Q: Tamara, how did this initiative come about?

Tamara: The idea came from a lot of information. There aren’t any masks in the pharmacies or even via internet. I saw that those around me needed them,

Photo of bike tour Rioja wine region

Eroica Rioja Tour Postponed to the Fall

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While some events have been canceled, others are being postponed. We are happy that this is the case with the Eroica Hispania, a very special cycling event, which will take place around Haro in the La Rioja wine region in October of this year.

Bilbao small shop shopping

Responsible shopping tourism

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Responsible tourism is, by now, a pretty wide-spread concept – maybe not necessarily in practice, but governments, the tourism industry and even individuals are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable and responsible tourism.

Carmen Romo Bilbao Baldosa Award

Romotur: “Your company makes our city!”

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Bilbao recognizes the work of 173 entrepreneurs with a special “baldosa”

La baldosa de Bilbao – the sidewalk tile you often see throughout the Basque Country, but especially in Bilbao – is arguably one of THE symbols of this city. 

Repsol Guide Suns Basque Country

Repsol Guide Sun Awards

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(Partial translation of original Spanish-language article)

11 restaurants of the Basque Country receive a Repsol Guide Sun

The Repsol Guide has awarded a Repsol Guide Sun to the restaurants Arrea! (Álava), Casa Garras, Porrue (Vizcaya), Bailara, Bodega Katxiña,