Slow City Lekeitio

Slow City Lekeitio

From €268 /person
3 nights Lea Ibilbidea trail Lekeitio lighthouse
Spend a few days in the charming coastal town of Lekeitio, lost between the mountain and the sea. You will stay in the hotel of the 17th century complex of the Palace of Zubieta. From there, discover the town’s squares and cobblestone streets, monumental churches, palaces, and three beaches. You will get to visit to the Lekeitio lighthouse and have tour from the seafront to the island of San Nicolás.

Part of your experience will take you on the Ibilbidea trail along the Lea River, which is a bubbling witness to the development of the area: from the first regular human settlements in our territory more than 1,000 years ago to the splendor and wealth of the 16th and 18th centuries (The area’s hydraulic mills, iron production, shipyards and navy were among the European vanguard.) up until today.

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From: €268.00 per person 

(Meals not included)


3 nights

Double Room



Lea Ibilbidea trail

Restaurant reservation

Lekeitio lighthouse

Island of San Nicolás


Private Transport

Guide Service

Pintxos route

Sports activities

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    Suggested Itinerary

    Day 1
    Check-in at the hotel
    Day 2
    “Lea Ibilbidea” trail and lunch at one of the restaurants of our choice. Restaurant reservation (meals are not included)
    Day 3
    Visit to the Lekeitio lighthouse and tour from the seafront to the island of San Nicolás
    Day 4


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