Guggenheim & City Tour

City Tour & Guggenheim

€41 /person
4 Hours 10 Km walk 20 People min. Guggenheim Old Town

A tour of two Bilbaos: Start off by diving back into the past as your guide takes you on a journey through the cobbled streets, charming squares and corners the old part of Bilbao: the city walls, the Gothic cathedral of Santiago, the Plaza Nueva square, the San Anton church, the ancient ruins on which the city is based, and of course the bustling Ribera Market.

Then, prepare to be fast-forwarded to the present: it is off to the Guggenheim! This masterpiece of architect Frank O. Gehry is located next to the colossal La Salve Bridge, one of the main entrances to the city. Discover this this unique, dramatic and highly visible structure that has literally shaped the Bilbao of today.

Tour Details


Price: €41,00 per person

Private guide and admission to museum included


Tour of Bilbao and the Guggenheim Museum


4 hours


Tour size

Minimum 20 people


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