City Tour Bilbao – Congress

City Tour Bilbao

5 Km walk 2 Hours 20 People min. Old Town Center

On this tour you will discover the city’s origins and the medieval side of Bilbao. The cobbled streets, charming squares and corners bear witness to the intense commercial and port life that made the city grow.

Over 500 years of history are still traceable within the city walls; the Gothic Cathedral of Santiago, the New Square as well as the emblematic San Antón Church and the ancient ruins it stands on and not to forget the busy Ribera Market. Time seems to have come to a standstill in these urban surroundings that are full of vitality.

Tour Details


Price: €22,00 per person

Private guide and pintxos included


Tour around the old city center


2 hours

Group Size

Minimum 20 people


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