Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

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From €416 /person
3 nights
Tour Urdaibai Reserve
Visit txakoli winery

In this experience, you will not just visit an authentic 13th century castle but stay in one! And what is even more special about it is its location in a privileged spot where you can contemplate an extraordinary landscape and ecological diversity of one of Bizkaia’s natural jewels: the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

Slow City Lekeitio

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From €268 /person
3 nights
Lea Ibilbidea trail
Lekeitio lighthouse
Spend a few days in the charming coastal town of Lekeitio, lost between the mountain and the sea. You will stay in the hotel of the 17th century complex of the Palace of Zubieta.

Sleep like a royal

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From €1,803 /person
3 nights
Cooking lesson
Spa La Perla

San Sebastian is one of the most splendid destinations in the whole Basque Country, renowned for its local gastronomy and its three beautiful beaches. 

Savouring Bilbao

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From €418 /person
3 nights
Bike Rental
Cooking class
Pintxos tour
Enjoy a few days in the metropolitan city of Bilbao and experience its museums, gastronomy and great atmosphere. Your boutique hotel is located in the city center and within walking distance of the Museum of Fine Arts,

Responsible Tourism

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From €504 /person
3 nights
Visit Berroja Winery
Santimamiñe Cave

Experience a very pleasant stay surrounded by nature, with plenty of leisure options to choose from. You can enjoy different activities like a visit to the Cave of Santimamiñe (included) or for sun lovers,

Navarre Pyrenees

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From €285 /person
3 nights
Local Route
Nature Reserve and Park
Get some fresh air while discovering the most amazing places in this area of Navarre. Go hiking or practice other sports, admire its landscapes,

Medieval Village

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From €230 /person
3 nights
Route 4×4
Water Sports

This experience will have you traveling back in time. To start, you will be staying in a charming hotel housed in a 17th century building in the center of Santillana del Mar,

Llanes and the Movies

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From €220 /person
3 nights
Route of colours
Movie tour
Water Sports

Enjoy a few days on the eastern coast of Asturias, a short distance from the old town of Llanes,

Golf in Neguri

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From €532 /person
3 nights
Bizkaia Bridge

Spend three dreamy nights in a charming four-star hotel on the Bizkaia coast. This getaway is just 10 minutes from the Bizkaia Bridge World Heritage Site.

Gipuzkoa Coast

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From €526 /person
3 nights
Hiruzta Winery
Boat trip and hiking

Hondarribia-Fuenterrabía offers visitors a variety of strikingly beautiful natural landscapes as well as an Old Town which has been declared a Complex of Historical Monuments.