Leisure Travel

Leisure Travel

Slow Travel: Join the movement

Traveling can be hectic and quickly turn into another list of “to dos” and “must-sees” one races to tick off. We invite you to embrace the concept of slow travel – or eslow travel if you fancy a bit of local flair. This means taking the time to be in the here and now and doing things at your own pace.

It’s easier said than done, but we can make it easier. Let Romotur take care of the logistics so you can savor every moment of your eslow experience: surfing or sunbathing, hiking or strolling, on an urban bike tour or fleeing to nature’s refuge, taking a cooking class or being served an exquisite dinner with wine – Romotur offers eslow travel experiences for both active and laid-back travel styles.

Basque coast
Dive into the landscape

If you like the beach … enjoy the sea breeze. If you like the mountains … breathe the pure air of nature. If you like to stroll … admire our charming historical centers.

Sunset at a basque beach
Enjoy a sunset

The eslow traveler seeks simple pleasures, where peace of mind is of the utmost importance.

Enjoy Gastronomy

Sharpen your palate and discover the flavors of the Basque Country. It is not about having a meal, but enjoying an experience : a sumptuous restaurant, a typical tavern, a cooking class, or a hands-on experience at a local orchard.

A terrace in Vitoria city
Relax on the terrace

Have some tea or a soda or wine, but take your time. As the rush disappears, time and space open up to bask – or might we say “basque” – in sensations and soak up the local lifestyle.