A statement on sustainibility

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This fall, Romotur decided it was high time we put down our commitment to sustainability in writing. Why?

  • It is a value we embrace personally.
  • It is a key to our future as a company.
  • It is becoming more and more important to our network and clients.

In contrast to other regions in Spain where tourism has been developed for a longer period of time and more intensively, we could say that the Basque Country and Rioja wine region were “late bloomers.”

But rather than being a disadvantage, this means that our regions are – touristically speaking – coming of age in a time where sustainability is high up on the agenda – and for a good reason! This isn’t a fad – it’s a must for the future. All over the Basque Country and Rioja wine region, we see that sustainability is a value being adopted and implemented at different levels by many producers, providers and institutions in their policies, products and experiences.

By nature, a DMC functions as a nexus between clients, the host area, local institutions, and local providers. Indeed, this central node is a strategic position from which to promote and transmit good sustainability practices in other stakeholders of the network (including ourselves), and it is our intention to increasingly take on this responsibility as we move forward. Step by step, we hope to progress along our roadmap towards a strong sustainability policy.