17th Century Palace

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From €256 /person
3 nights

Enjoy a few days in the Ruesga Valley (Cantabria), in the neighbourhood of Barcenas. The hotel-palace dates from the beginning of the 17th century and its garden is next to a natural area where you can enjoy hunting and fishing.

A Walk through the Vineyards

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From €390 /person
3 nights

Enjoy a few days discovering the vineyards of La Rioja Alavesa, immersing yourself in the regional gastronomy and tasting the best wines of the area.

A Natural Attraction

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From €290 /person
3 nights
Sequoia Forest
Nature Museum

Enjoy a few days in Cabezón de la Sal, a small town rich in historical heritage in the heart of Cantabria.

A Centenary Winery

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From €454 /person
3 nights
Way of Saint James

Welcome to the Rioja wine region! You will be staying in the village of Entrena at the Finca de los Arandinos: the first wine tourism project in La Rioja to combine winery,

A Walled Town

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From €176 /person
3 nights
Medieval Galleries
Visit Ochoa Winery

During this experience you will find yourself immersed in an oasis of peace and tranquility in one of the oldest towns of Navarre.

Anchovies and Txakoli

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From €491 /person
3 nights
Balenciaga museum
Canning anchovies

Get to know the tranquility of the old town of Getaria, one of the most typical fishing villages of the Gipuzkoa coast.


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From €381 /person
3 nights
Boat Tour

This getaway sweeps you away to Biarritz, a first-class luxury seaside resort on the French-Basque coast. You will stay in an old manor house in the historic center of this prestigious city,

Canoeing in Asturias

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From €234 /person
3 nights
Fine arts

Asturias is known as a true hiking paradise, but it offers much more than beautiful rural and mountain landscapes. This experience is all about discovering the many facets of this region,

Cheese and Cider

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From €225 /person
3 nights
The Cares Trail
Covadonga Lakes
Cheese and cider route

This experience combines the best of Asturias mountain and sea landscapes: Its rugged eastern coastline offers charming villages,

Feel like a shepherd

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From €280 /person
3 nights
Feel like a shepherd
Spa session

Stay in a charming 20th century palace and taste the typical local specialties in one of our recommended restaurants. With a large spa and green surroundings,